Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loving people

How do you get to know someone deeply, whether it is family, friends, or a romantic relationship, in such a way that you know what their every action, look, and movement means? Just love them! Watch their every move, love them, and care for them. They may not notice, but they will soon. It is kinda hard not to notice when someone showers you with love (and that's what you need to do, shower them with love), because when you do that, he or she will see that you love them and care about them and they'll wonder why. Guess what? God did the exact same thing. He wooed us with His love first, then waited for us as we gradually fell in love with Him. Part of the reason He did that was so He could show us that we could love the same way too.

Should you stop if the people you love take too long to recognize your love? Nope. Keep loving them. If they end up never recognizing your love, that's okay, you don't have to have them love you back for you to continue loving them. Love them anyway. They will love you back some day if they don't already. Love them the way God loves you - love patiently, and kindly, without being envious, proud, boastful, rude, selfish, easily angered and the rest of the characteristics that come with these (I Corinthians 13:4-8). Don't just preach it. Practice it! Pray that God will help you remember those characteristics when you're around people. Truly desire to love people that way. Stop thinking about how they don't love you back. Stop thinking about being hurt if they don't love you back because those things don't matter in the end. Ultimately, all that matters is that God thinks the world of you. He loves you - ardently, so much that He gave up His own life for you, while you (that's me too) still kept hurting Him all the time. Think of God as a real Person, not as someone who is somewhere in the sky, far away, where He doesn't relate to you as a person, because He is a real Person, and He hears us and wants to talk to us if we will listen. Often, it takes loving people the way God loves us, for us to understand, not the extent of His love, just the fact that the extent is so infinite that we can't imagine it (try and imagine that). He yearns for our love, which is not worth any of the love He gives us, but He still values our love and wants us as we are. What a wonderful God to serve!

So, coming back to my point of this post, keep spreading that love, people! Show others how much God has loved you if you know of His love and have made it your own. Show them the effect of God's love in your life, but be real about it. Don't think one thing in your head and tell others another. Because people see right through it. Believe and practice what you say, people will see the reality in it, no matter how much you learn from other people, nothing beats personal experience. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

So, focus on Christ people, and go and love! (BIG HEART)

Loads of love,


SB said...

Superrrrb post!! I really liked this. You always come up with cool thoughts! :)

Beula said...

Thanks Shebz. I had actually typed out a long, very negative sounding post, before God put this on my heart. I deleted everything I'd typed and started on this short, better one. I'm glad I never posted that first one and that I chose to post this one instead.