Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random thoughts

I really love my jobs. I'm working one at Bojangles' (a fast food restaurant that's known for it's biscuits (real soft, crispy, flaky buns for those who don't know what the word 'biscuit' means in another country). The other job is as a merchandising associate at Macy's - which is a clothes and shoes department store and has branches all over the US.

At Bojangles' I work at the cash register which means I take orders, punch them onto the touch screen computer in front of me and call them out through a microphone using only certain correct terminology or else they make you correct it (Americans are really dumb, that's what I think but if that was the case people all over the globe wouldn't want to come here). For example, if I call out 'medium iced tea' when the iced tea comes free with a chicken filet combo, they say "Say, 'correction, free medium iced tea'". Isn't that truly dumb? Seveal times I get corrected this way. But then, you see that's where things are anonymous to you the reader. I didn't tell you how much noise there is on this side of the counter when chicken is sizzling in oil, and the drive-thru window is open and orders are coming in through the microphone overhead which the cooks have to pay atttention to. Also I didn't tell you that the cooks need to listen to the orders that I make through the phone and also to the person who handles the drive thru so they can make the items accordingly. Well, lemme just finish up what else I do - I also handle cash/credit at Bojanlges'.

What I was about to say was - this is how tensions and arguments occur, you see? One person thinks that (s)he is doing things perfectly right and everyone is unjust towards him/her. But it's not always that one thinks that there are several sides to one thing. You don't hear clapping without having two hands to do it. This is a conflict I face everyday. But what do you do when you can't point out to the one in higher authority that they're doing something wrong too? If you do, you're totally out and it's totally not worth it pointing it out to them - it only makes things worse. And you find those kinds of people in every sphere of life everyday. No matter how hard you try to do things right, you just end up on the wrong side of that person - maybe because I'm kind of a weak person, but I refuse to accept that.

The thing I find most difficult is losing someone's trust. I think we all do. All of us want everyone to believe in us right? We do all we can to build up that trust and then just one thing's enough to bring it all down.

Will let ya know what I do at my other job later... Glad to be blogging again after more than two months! :) Catch you later.