Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An inspiring movie

I've had my fair share of movies this year, but none got beyond emotions. The movie I just saw today, 'A Walk To Remember' was so touching to me that I just couldn't stop singing the song 'Only Hope' "over and over again" :) It wasn't the words in the song as much as the message the movie gave, that touched me. Oh and Mandy Moore has an amazing voice! Check out the song Only Hope for yourself if you don't believe me.
All I have to say is "WOW".

I mean there have been other inspirational (or something of like nature) love stories I've watched. Let me tell you the story before I go on to confuse you with my reactions on it.

The story is about a girl who is very simple, God fearing, and stands up for her own beliefs without being ashamed about it, while at home about being more matter-of-fact when required, and while in a high school where she's made fun of and criticized for her faith. She very gradually wins over the love of a guy who was part of a gang earlier, by no particular effort of her own. Jamie, daughter of the Reverend at the church she attends, is portrayed as a girl who keeps her own standards and principles high in her life, even when no one's watching. The guy, Landon, and she go to the same church but he's part of a gang and definitely does not share the same belief as she does. He gets caught by police in the event of one time when the gang meets. He ends up having to help the janitor clean up and take part in the spring play as punishment, both of which he doesn't exactly love doing.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Landon eventually ends up falling in love with Jamie and asks her out, with her dad's permission to do so, because she's not allowed to date. Some time after they begin to be together, he finds out, while he asks her what she plans to do after school, that she has leukemia, which totally breaks him down. After this, the story goes on to show all that he does for her, to make what remaining lifetime she has, special for her. But she never lets go of her faith. In fact, it only gets stronger. The cancer gets worse, and knowing that on the top of her list is a wish to get married in the same church her mother (who died when she was little) had, he asks Jamie to marry him. I'll leave the rest a suspense for you just in case you watch it. It's a really sweet movie - you just can't not like it, unless you are determined for some weird reason to not like it. :)

What I wanted to share was just the fact that Jamie had so much faith in Landon, that when she told him she thought she "saw something good in [him]", it changed him so much. That is definitely something to think about. Even as I watched the movie, I was thinking to myself, "Yeah right, that doesn't happen in real life". But then again, I don't know everything in this world, do I? Maybe there are people who have changed like that... I don't know... I truly don't know...

You must see it! The movie I mean. Just google it up (type in 'a walk to remember', hit search, and see if something comes up). Shane West and Mandy Moore are the lead actors. The song 'Only Hope' is sung by Mandy Moore herself. Altogether, I think it's a great movie!! Totally loved it - haven't felt this way in a long time about a movie.

The greatest thing I like about the movie is there is always hope for them. They don't act like there's no hope left, although they're not clear as to what it is that inspires that hope. It's probably the hope in God that drives them forward. I don't know - they don't mention anything like that.

But I like it all the same.