Sunday, October 3, 2010

I dreamed this afternoon that I got a packet in the mail and I opened it and it was an acceptance letter saying I got into the nursing school at ECU. I woke up thinking I wanted to hug everyone that crossed my path (lol, I totally would not do that) but I remembered dreaming I was so happy I didn't know what to do. I actually had a hard time remembering if I really had gotten the letter and couldn't remember what day of the week it was or anything that would help me determine if it was a dream I'd just had or it had really happened before I fell asleep.

I've lately been very anxious and fearing the consequences of not getting into nursing school, because I don't want to have to tell my parents that I didn't get in. I don't want another chance at disappointment. I don't have the strength for it anymore. Would you please pray for me if you haven't already? And if you have, thank you! I want you to know that I appreciate it and that it matters that you prayed.

Just wanted to share this with people who might actually read this instead of in a book that no one but me is gonna read. Have a great next week! : ) <3


Febin Rajan said...

hmm....lady..Is getting into a nursing school that tough in the US? In Bangalore it's easy. I do remember how I got a seat in an Engineering college in Bangalore. Had to write entrance exams and admist around a million candidates completing for just 21,000 seats in the state I was able to bag a seat.

Anyways congratulations !!! Wishing you a bright future. God bless.

Beula said...

Totally different story in the Indian education system than in the American education system, Febin. I'll explain it in detail to you sometime. It's a different kind of competition, you kind of have to work over a longer period of time because of the GPA, which we don't have in the Indian system at all, but it can take its toll on you if you don't plan over a longer period of time, about 6 months to a year ahead of time *at least*. If you wanna excel, plan more ahead of time than that, from my experience. Everything here has to be planned and thought of well in advance. If you don't, you still have other options but you fall behind and you don't necessarily get what you want. Makes you responsible too in the process, because there are SO many things to keep in mind while applying to universities. Not half the effort is required to apply to Indian colleges because parents do everything, except study, for you. And you need them to do it for you because there is no time for you to do anything else but study. If you finished studying, study a second time or a third time. Never ending process. Yeah, I might as well make a blog post in this comment.

Febin Rajan said...

GPA system comes into picture only when you enter the university program right. Don't think it applies during the entrance test to a university program. Don't ever think entering into a Indian university program is easy. It was not easy during our time because of lack of colleges, talking about situation in 2003 when we started our undergraduate studies. Also don't think Indian education is easy, it is equally tough as well as competitive. Though the way of our exams are a bit archaic, newer colleges have started implementing GPA system. Do agree with you that financial aspect in indian context is usually handled by our parents, but the same is the situation for Indians settled in the US. I do have cousins in US and their studies also was taken care by their parents at least their undergraduate studies.

Let me know your thoughts?

Beula said...

Just FYI, I never said the Indian system was "easy", may I point out that you're the one that said that. I only said it was "different".

You do have a GPA throughout high school as well. In fact it is in the high schools so that it can be used at the college level to judge your level of performance in high school for entry into college. So yes, GPA of high school is considered along with other criteria, for college.

However, my point was that in the US, every bit that you work for is shown on your transcript, aka, summary of your performance through high school in terms of the GPA, whereas, I know if you get a C or a D in India, that would be an A or a B here and of a LOT more value here than in India. Even if you got a C or a D, you have a certain knowledge in that topic and that is accounted for whereas if you get anything lower than a B or a C you're pretty much considered dumb, are looked down on, and are "left behind" in the "race" to be "at the top". That's all we as Indians think of - becoming either a doctor, an engineer, or a chartered accountant. Not that any of these are bad - they're all great professions. But anything other than that is considered "lower".

Just so you know, until now I thought you were someone I knew. You said you didn't know who I was in your very first comment in my blog but there was a misunderstanding on my part in the following comments. Now that I've realized you're not someone I know, I want you to know that I appreciate you reading my blog posts; however, I would encourage you to see my point of view in this matter because I, for one, have been through a lot and don't need to illustrate specific details to prove that I'm right on this.

My purpose is only to bring to light the side of the Indian education system that people refrain from talking honestly about instead of saying "the student didn't work hard enough" which is utter rubbish because I know better. Please don't take anything I say personally or take offense at anything I've said because I'm not directing anything at you but at the Indian system. Thanks for your time.

P.S: My comments keep getting longer. I don't have a good feeling about this. lol.

Febin Rajan said...

oho...hold need to have bad feelings about my comments.

You have good memory :-) Even I don't remember my first comment, I had to explicitly go and look at my first comment.

I was not trying to argue nor trying to impose anything, jus t usually comment on hard feelings. :-)

I didn't get this comment from your post "however, I would encourage you to see my point of view in this matter because I, for one, HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT and don't need to illustrate specific details to prove that I'm right on this."

again this is not an arguement, no need to get bad feelings, always take in the right spirit:-)

Beula said...

I was just taking precaution before we got into an argument about something that's not worth spending so much time on because I tend to keep arguments going for a long time and it may not reach anywhere.

I went back and looked at the comment too. I don't have a good memory.

Haha, and no hard feelings. I was just making myself clear that's all. =)

Febin Rajan said...

Good..Keep going :-)